(photo: Hans Groskamp)

Tari Dewi Anjasmara


Raden Tjetje Somantri (1947)


Dra. Irawati Durban Ardjo


Rumiang laras Salendro


Kelompok Penabuh Pusbitari & Dase Suheman

Music recording:

ID Pusbitari Dance Company


10 ' 24 " 


West Java (Sunda)


The Tari Dewi Anjasmara is a female solo-dance.
The Tari Dewi Anjasmara depicts the noble princess Anjasmara from the Javanese saga about Damarwulan, the grasscutter, and his opponent Menak Jingga.
The story is situated in the 15-th century on Java, but the choreography of this dance originated from this century.
Menak Jingga threatens the kingdom of Majapahit, because the queen has refused to marry him being a vassal. She asked the help of her knights, but Damarwulan (in fact a knight's son) will be the hero of the story. His beloved princess Anjasmara very regrets his mission to conquer Menak Jingga. The dance shows how princess Anjasmara is preparing to meet Damarwulan before he will depart to battle Menak Jingga. Her mood is constantly changing up and down, but her beauty only flourishes.
The Tari Dewi Anjasmara symbolises that a woman's beauty will flourish due to the devotion for her beloved man.

The Wisma Ulah Budaya Foundation 1999

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