(photo: Hans Groskamp)

Tari Merak


Raden Tjetje Somantri


Dra. Irawati Durban Ardjo (1965)
Dra. Irawati Durban Ardjo (1985)


Macan Ucul laras Salendro


Gamelan-musicians with Komarudin (kendang)

Music recording:

Pusbitari Dance Company recording


7 ' 45 "


West Java (Sunda)


The Tari Merak or Dance of the Peacock is a female dance. Merak means peacock and the choreography is inspired by the beautiful movements of a peacock. The choreography of the Tari Merak is of raden Tjetje Somantri and it dates from the 1950's.
In 1965 dra. Irawati Durban Ardjo created a new choreography with altered movements, structures, music and costumes. This choreography has been revised in 1985 and taught to Romanita Santoso in 1993 by dra. Irawati Durban Ardjo herself.
The gestures of a peacock are beautifully blend together with the classical movements of the Sundanese dance and thus making the dance a colourful expression of the proud peacock which is showing its beautiful feathers.
The Tari Merak symbolises the beauty of nature and its creatures and intents to draw our attention to it and to convince us to dedicate our work to this world.

The Wisma Ulah Budaya Foundation 1999

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